Manage your music from a single application

With UNICA app you can manage your media player based on Music Player Deamon and Kodi with the enrichment of many more information.
"A single interface for multiple types of hosts"

What is UNICA?

UNICA is an application that is about to be released by GRANDINOTE and will allow you to manage your music at home by driving hosts such as KODI and MPD (Music Player Deamon) and enriching your library with content and functionality:

> You will see a lot of information about the artists in your media library.
> You will be able to view your content even with the HOST turned off.
> Immediate searches.
> Ability to mount your NAS.

..and so on..

More info

From the simple name of the artist, the system will offer you much more information, such as his photos, his story, his social links and much more.

Mobile Friendly

The interface is very user friendly and will be the same for each type of Host.

Grandinote hardware

Of course, customers with GRANDINOTE devices will be able to use this app to control them.

"Liquid music" streaming services in a single application

Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Netflix,
and many more will come!

Stay up to date on developments!

UNICA is divided into two versions: Lite and Pro.
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Coming Soon

Follow us online to find out when we launch.


soon available for mobile on:




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Email: grandinote@gmail.com 
Phone: +39 348 6701291
VAT: 02659140186

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Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.

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