"Massimiliano Magri is always trying to push the limits

with his unique way of doing things and Mach unfiltered
and unequalized design by itself was already
an out of the box speaker concept,
but the carbon fiber enclosure really let
9 woofers and 16 tweeters to breath most freely."
MONO&STEREO - Matej Isak - 05/2019

" real tube warmth and “mercury” eclecticism,

excellent tonal and timbre authenticity."
"As if we are listening to a real
single-ended amplifier in all its glory"
"get physical pleasure from the exquisite sound pictures
and enjoy the high-end gloss."
HI-FI.RU - Стас Устенко - 05/2019

"Rich in all regions: dynamics, colors, naturalness.

He managed everything in our test with a self-confidence
that would inspire even the most critical analog fans."
"This streamer met our highest benchmarks and dreams.
Volta succeeded in everything with ease and naturalness.
If you have analog feelings, you should get it."
AUDIO - Andreas Günther - 04/2019

"the sound I heard was captivating,
courtesy of a complete system from Grandinote,
an Italian brand I was unfamiliar with,
but was immediately taken by."

STEREOPHILE - Robert Schryer - 03/2019

"The phenomenal sphere of sound surrounded us

like a merry ocean on a hot day.
The ocean of extraordinary clarity and splendor."
"a sound not unlike what produce electrostats,
but with incomparable higher dynamics."
"La Grande Bellezza. Just one great splendor!"
HIGH & STYLE - Andrej Turok - 12/2018

"...few were as musical or emotionally
powerful as this one."
"quality was exquisite-musical,
emotionally powerful, and sneakily dynamic,
without apparent flaw"
STEREOPHILE - Art Dudley - 05/2018

"by all accounts the sound was stellar
as to be expected already knowing
how good this Italian brand performs."
"Sounds too good to be true until you
hear these products for oneself. "
STEREOTIMES - Clement Perry - 05/2018

"Shinai has an outstanding talent for natural vocals,

just like a really good lamp.
The advantage is greater power"
"Listen to Shinai, that's the essence of fun"
this is pure musicality."
HIFI VOICE - Daniel Březina - 05/2018

"From Bressana the Hi-Fi system
that travels the world"

PROVINCIA PAVESE - Mattia Tanzi - 04/2018

"...literally 3-4 pairs of the best speakers

that have visited me.
These are loudspeakers that
play differently than all known to me,
and yet, or maybe because of that, fantastic."
HIGH FIDELITY - Marek Dyba - 03/2018

"That’s really what distinguishes
Grandinote devices and puts them
in a category of their own that is
quite different from anything else
in the high-fidelity market."
SON & IMAGE - Michel Bérard - 01/2018

"Grandinote Shinai
A Ferrari among amplifiers"

SON & IMAGE - Michel Bérard - 10/2017

"sound like single-ended vacuum tube amplifiers

except with dynamics and authority
unlike any SE tube design I've heard."
"...presents a sense of scale
that is far more powerful than
their 60 watt rating would imply"
STEREO TIMES - Clement Perry - 10/2017

"Shinai sounded as if it had
several hundred watts at its disposal"
"Shinai has the rare ability
to present the better side of recording"

HIGH FIDELITY - Wojciech Pacula - 09/2017

"It is capable of giving life
to the reproduction of music.
Very few hifi products of any price
are capable or were capable of doing it."

HIFIBLE - 09/2017

"so special and so different
we just sit with beating heart
and open mouth,
excited and almost crying in excitement."
HIFI VOICE - Daniel Březina - 08/2017

"It's incredible that it has only 37Watt"
"...a realism and a delicacy in reconstructing
even the smallest nuances..."
"The detail and refinement are another must"

FDS - Alberto Guerrini - 07/2017

"Grandinote Genesi is the best
pre-amp that I have listened" ...
... "He plays in a itself category
besides the Champions League."

HIFI STATEMENT - Peter Banholzer - 07/2017

"The only thing that kept coming back

to me was the word SCARY" ...
... "The sound is so wide-open and natural
that it really is perhaps the best
sounding system that I have had"

STEREO TIMES - Clement Perry - 07/2017

"Grandinote Genesi is quite a different beast

where sound is never
lackadaisical, corrupt or augmented." ...
... "Genesi follows the path of purity
and simplicity in the signal amplification."

MONO&STEREO - Matej Isak - 06/2017

"The very first reaction with few

of the well know track
was an exuberant "mamma mia" :)" ...
:.. "Yes, this seems  to be no
ordinary preamplifier."

MONO&STEREO - Matej Isak - 06/2017

"It made me forget I was listening

“only” to the re-production 
of the live performance.
It simply felt real,
it felt true."

Hi Fi Knights - Marek Dyba  - 11/2016

"It's rare this dynamic readiness

in the harmonious border regions."
"...a tube amplifier, without tubes."
"The Shinai from then on perched
on a top place in our list."

AUDIO - Andreas Günther - 08/2016

"This is definitely
one of the best sounds
I’ve heard
in the reference system..."

HIFI PIG - Stuart Smith - 06/2016

"Shinai is one of the best solid state
integrated amplifire in the world...
...this capacityes are too rare..."

STACCATO - 06/2016

"Grandinote Celio is a sonically brilliant phonostage
that provides an incredibly airy
and magnificent reproduction of music"
"distinctly neutral, but with good dynamics
and compelling bass."
STEREOPLUSS - Roy Ervin Solstad - 04/2016

"Proemio had the power of precise images,
It was brighter, more transparent
with all the advantages
of good tube circuits, no hardness
velvety silver."
AUDIO - Andreas Günther - 03/2016

"Grandinote Celio is very different
and unique sounding phono preamplifier"
"sound tuning is lush, emotional
and involving factor,
extending across all the musical genres"
MONO&STEREO - Matej Isak - 01/2016

For Grandinote Demone 140/140 points.
From 1978 to the present day,
only 3 amplifiers in the world
took the top score from AUDIO!
AUDIO - Johannes Maier - 07/2015

"...was so, so beautiful.
This system was a triumph.
I sure hope I encounter
Grandinote electronics
again in Munich."
STEREOPHILE - Jason Victor Serinus - 04/2015

"it is almost impossible to take off,
this amplifier connects you
simply and purely to music.
this feeling of addiction is quite rare
and we'll see why."
AUDIOPHILEFR - Lionel Schmitt - 03/2014

"I always find the Leonardos, to my ears,
to sound their very best when played
through Grandinote electronics."

STEREO TIMES - Clement Perry - 06/2013

"The best of solid state"

MUSIC EMOTION - Ruud Jonker - 06/2013

"a word occurred often to me: energy.
This sensation of energy never fades away
and gives to the whole reproduction
a dynamic sensation,
violent at times where the partition requires..."
AUDIO ACTIVITY - Domenico Pizzamiglio - 04/2013

"We did not hear never the fineness of the notes...
...The harmonic density
and dynamic distribution allow
for each partition, each note, each sound
to be interpreted in a credible manner..."
HAUTE FIDÉLITÉ - Dominique Mafrand - 12/2012

"A disarming naturalness: great!
Who you were never present
the opportunity to listen to the SHINAI,
perhaps at a trade show,
you should definitely do it. "
Wilfried Lardenoit - 07/2012

"An amplifier with absolute quality level,
able to offer the best quality
that you can expect
from tube technology
and from solid state. "
NUKE - Alfredo Di Pietro - 12/2010

"Without any exaggeration this amplifier imposes itself
in a natural way and evidence of timbral precision,
an exceptional spacial coherence...
...these amplifiers own an unique character to go beyond
naturally the reproduction of all kind of music"
SP&I - Patrick Vercher - 2008

"It's like listen a sound by
McIntosh MC230 or a pair of MC30,
which had stolen the muscles,
from a not so small Krell."
FDS - Bebo Moroni - 12/2007

"I could not reasonably think

that a tube integrated had
the same authority of a transistor,
or that one transistor had
the same feeling of a tube.
Then I listened the Grandinote A Solo..."
FDS - Andio Morotti - 10/2006

"Refinement like small power tube amplifire"

FDS - Andrea Della Sala - 02/2006

"We seem to listen a modern tube amp,

one of those properly designed,
with tight bass, without difficulty
in driving strong speakers.
Has instead,
all the advantages of a solid state..."
FDS - Vittorio Vitti - 09/2005

"...the result of a careful search for

more natural, grace, sweetness
typical of valuable tube productions,
combined with the tight,
precision and dynamics
of the solid state of exception."
FDS - Andrea Della Sala - 09/2005

"Why have I been so impressed
by the sound of these amplifier?
It 's simple,
because they sound great tube amp,
without suffering the limits"
FDS - Bruno Fazzini - 01/2004

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