"...few were as musical or emotionally
powerful as this one."
"quality was exquisite-musical,
emotionally powerful, and sneakily dynamic,
without apparent flaw"
STEREOPHILE - Art Dudley - 05/2018

"From Bressana the Hi-Fi system
that travels the world"

PROVINCIA PAVESE - Mattia Tanzi - 04/2018

"That’s really what distinguishes
Grandinote devices and puts them
in a category of their own that is
quite different from anything else
in the high-fidelity market."
SON & IMAGE - Michel Bérard - 01/2018

"Grandinote Shinai
A Ferrari among amplifiers"

SON & IMAGE - Michel Bérard - 10/2017

"sound like single-ended vacuum tube amplifiers

except with dynamics and authority
unlike any SE tube design I've heard."
"...presents a sense of scale
that is far more powerful than
their 60 watt rating would imply"
STEREO TIMES - Clement Perry - 10/2017

"Shinai sounded as if it had
several hundred watts at its disposal"
"Shinai has the rare ability
to present the better side of recording"

HIGH FIDELITY - Wojciech Pacula - 09/2017

"It is capable of giving life
to the reproduction of music.
Very few hifi products of any price
are capable or were capable of doing it."

HIFIBLE - 09/2017

"so special and so different
we just sit with beating heart
and open mouth,
excited and almost crying in excitement."
HIFI VOICE - Daniel Březina - 08/2017

"It's incredible that it has only 37Watt"
"...a realism and a delicacy in reconstructing
even the smallest nuances..."
"The detail and refinement are another must"

FDS - Alberto Guerrini - 07/2017

"Grandinote Genesi is the best
pre-amp that I have listened" ...
... "He plays in a itself category
besides the Champions League."

HIFI STATEMENT - Peter Banholzer - 07/2017

"The only thing that kept coming back

to me was the word SCARY" ...
... "The sound is so wide-open and natural
that it really is perhaps the best
sounding system that I have had"

STEREO TIMES - Clement Perry - 07/2017

"Grandinote Genesi is quite a different beast

where sound is never
lackadaisical, corrupt or augmented." ...
... "Genesi follows the path of purity
and simplicity in the signal amplification."

MONO&STEREO - Matej Isak - 06/2017

"The very first reaction with few

of the well know track
was an exuberant "mamma mia" :)" ...
:.. "Yes, this seems  to be no
ordinary preamplifier."

MONO&STEREO - Matej Isak - 06/2017

"It made me forget I was listening

“only” to the re-production 
of the live performance.
It simply felt real,
it felt true."

Hi Fi Knights - Marek Dyba  - 11/2016

"It's rare this dynamic readiness

in the harmonious border regions."
"...a tube amplifier, without tubes."
"The Shinai from then on perched
on a top place in our list."

AUDIO - Andreas Günther - 08/2016

"This is definitely
one of the best sounds
I’ve heard
in the reference system..."

HIFI PIG - Stuart Smith - 06/2016

"Shinai is one of the best solid state
integrated amplifire in the world...
...this capacityes are too rare..."

STACCATO - 06/2016

"Grandinote Celio is a sonically brilliant phonostage
that provides an incredibly airy
and magnificent reproduction of music"
"distinctly neutral, but with good dynamics
and compelling bass."
STEREOPLUSS - Roy Ervin Solstad - 04/2016

"Proemio had the power of precise images,
It was brighter, more transparent
with all the advantages
of good tube circuits, no hardness
velvety silver."
AUDIO - Andreas Günther - 03/2016

"Grandinote Celio is very different
and unique sounding phono preamplifier"
"sound tuning is lush, emotional
and involving factor,
extending across all the musical genres"
MONO&STEREO - Matej Isak - 01/2016

For Grandinote Demone 140/140 points.
From 1978 to the present day,
only 3 amplifiers in the world
took the top score from AUDIO!
AUDIO - Johannes Maier - 07/2015

"...was so, so beautiful.
This system was a triumph.
I sure hope I encounter
Grandinote electronics
again in Munich."
STEREOPHILE - Jason Victor Serinus - 04/2015

"it is almost impossible to take off,
this amplifier connects you
simply and purely to music.
this feeling of addiction is quite rare
and we'll see why."
AUDIOPHILEFR - Lionel Schmitt - 03/2014

"I always find the Leonardos, to my ears,
to sound their very best when played
through Grandinote electronics."

STEREO TIMES - Clement Perry - 06/2013

"The best of solid state"

MUSIC EMOTION - Ruud Jonker - 06/2013

"a word occurred often to me: energy.
This sensation of energy never fades away
and gives to the whole reproduction
a dynamic sensation,
violent at times where the partition requires..."
AUDIO ACTIVITY - Domenico Pizzamiglio - 04/2013

"We did not hear never the fineness of the notes...
...The harmonic density
and dynamic distribution allow
for each partition, each note, each sound
to be interpreted in a credible manner..."
HAUTE FIDÉLITÉ - Dominique Mafrand - 12/2012

"A disarming naturalness: great!
Who you were never present
the opportunity to listen to the SHINAI,
perhaps at a trade show,
you should definitely do it. "
Wilfried Lardenoit - 07/2012

"An amplifier with absolute quality level,
able to offer the best quality
that you can expect
from tube technology
and from solid state. "
NUKE - Alfredo Di Pietro - 12/2010

"Without any exaggeration this amplifier imposes itself
in a natural way and evidence of timbral precision,
an exceptional spacial coherence...
...these amplifiers own an unique character to go beyond
naturally the reproduction of all kind of music"
SP&I - Patrick Vercher - 2008

"It's like listen a sound by
McIntosh MC230 or a pair of MC30,
which had stolen the muscles,
from a not so small Krell."
FDS - Bebo Moroni - 12/2007

"I could not reasonably think

that a tube integrated had
the same authority of a transistor,
or that one transistor had
the same feeling of a tube.
Then I listened the Grandinote A Solo..."
FDS - Andio Morotti - 10/2006

"Refinement like small power tube amplifire"

FDS - Andrea Della Sala - 02/2006

"We seem to listen a modern tube amp,

one of those properly designed,
with tight bass, without difficulty
in driving strong speakers.
Has instead,
all the advantages of a solid state..."
FDS - Vittorio Vitti - 09/2005

"...the result of a careful search for

more natural, grace, sweetness
typical of valuable tube productions,
combined with the tight,
precision and dynamics
of the solid state of exception."
FDS - Andrea Della Sala - 09/2005

"Why have I been so impressed
by the sound of these amplifier?
It 's simple,
because they sound great tube amp,
without suffering the limits"
FDS - Bruno Fazzini - 01/2004

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